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The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM)


Anton Haefeli: IGNM, Die Internationale Gesellschaft für neue Musik - Ihre Geschichte von 1922 bis zur Gegenwart. Atlantis Musikbuch-Verlag (Zürich 1982)

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History of the ISCM Zürich / pro musica

Abbildung Jubiläumschrift 25 Jahre  Abbildung Jubiläumschrift 50 Jahre
Booklet 25 years (PDF 0.7 MB) Publication 50 years Pro Musica

After one of the ISCM festivals had been very successfully staged in Zürich in 1926 (it was the fourth festival after Salzburg in 1923, Prague and Salzburg in 1924 and Venice in 1925) the association Pro Musica Zürich joined the ISCM in form of a local group.

Originally, in addition to New Music - spelt in capital letters, meaning the at that time specific new music of Europe - old pre-classical music, which was in those days no longer played, figured on the programme of Pro Musica. As the pre-classical music was more and more often found in general concert programmes, this activity was no longer required. In its place Electronic Music found its way into the programme as early as 1953.

1957 and 1991 further ISCM World Music Days took place in Zürich. The Pro Musica logo, which had been designed by Max Bill in 1935, was kept on until 1994 when it was decided that the vague Latin name "pro musica" was to be replaced by the more unmistakable IGNM Zürich (ISCM Zürich) so that a new logo had to be created.

The association has approx. 200 members and is financed by membership subscriptions and by subsidies by the city and canton of Zürich.


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25 Jahre Pro Musica. Verzeichnis der Werke und der Mitwirkenden (ed. Hermann Leeb) – PDF)